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Chakula Ni LazmaFood is a Human Right

We believe that food is a human right. For most Black/African families across the country, and specifically here in Snohomish County already struggling financially, as a result of the impact of generational poverty, which is rooted in our country’s, State, and County’s history of racism, discrimination, and oppression, COVID-19 and now inflation have been nothing short of death nails. Our families are struggling with the most basic of needs, the right to food (life) being greater. It is part of our mission to make sure this basic need is covered for all.

YAM: Youth Academic​ & Mentorship

The well-being of our youth is foundational to the health and wealth of our community and the future it holds. Therefore, we focus on the successful academic achievement of our youth through advocacy—making sure they receive quality education, as well as support them either by providing after school activities, or providing needed resources for them to attend after school enriching activities. This ensures the removal of and overcoming of obstacles that perpetuate inequality and poverty. It is our goal to provide culturally and linguistically specific support to help close the achievement gap and increase the number of our youth graduating from high school and pursuing higher education, or career opportunities.

Salaam: Mental Health Outreach

Through our mental health and well-being program, we partner with community providers and connect our community members with qualified and experienced providers who identify as Black, because they understand the needs of our community and can intentionally provide the type of service that is culturally specific. Due to the fact that the scars of racial trauma impact every aspect of our community members' lives, we put a greater focus on creating intentional healing spaces--sharing, processing, beginning the process of healing while experiencing the support of those who share a common experience.  


Umoja: Community Engagement

Through our community outreach program and engagement, we focus on leadership development and representation. It is important that services we provide center the voices of our community and empower our community members with the tools they need to self-advocate, with the primary goal of addressing disparities—economically, academically, politically, healthcare, housing, and better jobs access. We further focus on developing leadership opportunities, and fostering effective representation on boards, committees, and commissions.​

AkazuHousing & Utilities Support

We believe that housing is a human right. Given the systemic inequities, which have and continue to result in our families struggling to find adequate and clean housing, it is part of our goal to make sure that our families are housed. We provide support with rental assistance for our families in need. What makes our services different is that we do not wait until eviction notices are provided. When our community members reach out in need, we make sure to be there and offer whatever support is needed to the best of our abilities, and as resources permit. In addition to rental assistance, we also provide utilities support.

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