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The mission of the Black Healing Fund is to assist in the fight against the mental, health, and economic impact of anti-blackness—racism—on Black and Brown communities, and to both create and directly support programs, as well as individuals prioritizing the continued healing and thriving of Black and Brown communities, specifically prioritizing Black communities in Snohomish County, WA. 


Because the scars of anti-blackness are centuries old, real, lifelong, and often deadly… There are many studies that have been conducted, the most recent by the American Academy of Pediatrics showing that racism in real and fundamental ways, impacts not just our health, but our chances for a good and successful life, from childhood onto adulthood.


First, when it comes to the real impact of anti-Blackness (racism), there can never be such a thing as “too much help and too many resources.” This is because the impact is not a year or a decade old, but it is centuries’ old and structural. It is reflected in every institution in our country. In fact, this is reflected in terms of who holds most of the funding, what are their priorities, and who gets funded. Our goal is to both provide direct services, partner and support service providers who are community-based. 


                              Our FOUR Focal Pillars

We strongly believe that increasing awareness about anti-Blackness, racism, racial trauma, racialized terrorism and the scars they leave behind, and advocating for systemic change is vital to dismantling systems of oppression.

We strongly believe one of  the first major steps to helping our communities heal, become self-sufficient and self-advocating is through the education and empowerment of our community members who are center to our mission.

We strongly believe that much of the current funding system, which has helped a great deal, will have to be   decolonized, so that there is a truly equitable access to desperately needed resources by our Black/Brown communities.

We strongly believe in the creation and maintenance of stronger and extensive partnerships, because that is what this work requires and will continue to require. We truly believe that it takes and will take a village (all of us) to get this done.


Education Empowerment


Decolonizing Access


Stronger Partnerships


Awareness & Advocacy

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