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Given the need in our community and at the request of community members, thanks to amazing support from our generous partners, we launched our BACK-TO-SCHOOL drive in 2022. In the first year of the launch, we were able to serve more than 200 community members, which included both youth and adult learners. Of this total, about 114 were youth. Please see our report page for details about the great success of this drive, which we intend to do annually. We anticipate that this project will continue to grow, as our community grows and members become aware of our services. 


Agapira is Kirundi for a jacket or a coat. This annual drive was born at the request of a single mom who is part of our community. The say goes exactly like this; "we are truly grateful for the support that Black Healing Fund is providing us, because without your support, I am not sure how some of us could have made it through these tougher times, especially with the impact of COVID-19. That said, please consider providing us with winter jackets, so that as parents, our hearts can be in one place knowing that our kids will be warm waiting for a bus and/or playing outside." Thus, was born the AGAPIRA annual drive. 

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